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jump for a cure


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On Saturday September 4, 2021, we will be jumping from a plane at 13,000 feet to raise money for Kids Cancer Care. The goal of the Jump for a Cure fundraiser is to raise $10,000 for Kids Cancer Care.  The event will be held at Skydive Extreme Calgary at the Beiseker, Alberta airport.


Last year’s inaugural event was fantastic.  This year’s event will be even bigger and better with food and entertainment! 


Bring your family to watch you take the leap for what we consider to be one of the most important charitable foundations in Alberta.

One can only imagine the devastating effect the words “Your child has cancer” can have on a parent.

If skydiving is something that you have always wanted to do, but hesitated, now is the time! Skydive Extreme Calgary has reduced the price for a 13,000 foot tandem skydive from $389.00 to $299.00 for this incredible charitable event. 

We are inviting all our business associates, friends, and neighbours to join us in this venture and make the event spectacular, while raising much needed funds to help children and their families cope with both the financial and emotional stresses associated with this horrendous disease called cancer. If skydiving is not your thing, you can still participate by helping us spread awareness of the event, asking friends if they would like to participate, and most importantly, by making a monetary donation to support this crucial charity.  Kids Cancer Care camps afford the children the opportunity to laugh, congregate, feel the spirit of community, and just be kids.  Whether you chose to join us in the jump and our fundraising efforts or would rather make a donation, please know that every social media post and every donation counts and will move us closer to our $20,000 goal.

Let us take part to build a better world for children with cancer.  100% of all donations go directly to support Kids Cancer Care. 

- Brian van Vliet

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Nothing is more important to the future progress and development of society than our children. Cancer can strike any one of us at any time. We often do not think about the fact that a child can be affected by a debilitating disease. Imagine hearing the words, “Your child has cancer.”  In Alberta alone, hundreds of children afflicted with cancer are fighting for their lives. They undergo chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and numerous other treatments that may potentially cause permanent damage to their immune systems and their developing brains and bodies. The fragility of their health leaves them susceptible to horrific consequences from a common cold or flu. 

Cancer is the number one cause of death in children from six months young adulthood. This year alone, 190 families in Alberta will learn their child has cancer.

Today, because of advances in research, the survival rate for childhood cancer is over 80 per cent, but over 75% of survivors live with lifelong side effects and we still see too many families who lose a child. Did you know that during difficult economic times such as these, our program numbers increase exponentially? We need your help now more than ever!


Kids Cancer Care is unique in the fact that they offer support to not only the children who have cancer, but their entire families. The stress and fear associated with this disease can cause family members to feel overwhelmed and, in some cases, unable to cope. 

Kids Cancer Care offers programs designed to help families navigate their way through all of the stages of the cancer journey. This foundation uniquely supports funding and programs in the following key areas:

  • Research and hospital programs

  • Camp and recreational outreach programs

  • Therapeutic exercise programs

  • Educational support and scholarship programs

These kids will not have normal childhoods. Their lives and the lives of their families will never be normal again. They will need help to rebuild their lives and Kids Cancer Care programs are designed to help them rebuild, while restoring hope for tomorrow. Children with cancer need a fighting chance to enjoy the freedom and innocence that goes along with childhood. There needs to be more to their existence than doctor appointments and treatments. Kids Cancer Care gives these children the opportunity to bring a sense of normalcy to their already challenging lives. Together we can help make this a reality.

We need your help. By contributing to Kids Cancer Care, you are gifting parents and families the opportunity to watch their children who are affected by cancer smile, laugh and play. Please consider joining in on the jump or supporting the 2021 Jump For A Cure Skydive event with a donation.

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my inspiration

In 2020, we had such a successful inaugural skydiving fundraiser.  The skydivers (many who hadn’t jumped before) were filled with so much excitement.  The energy that everyone brought to the big day was incredible.  The thrill of a skydive along with the knowledge that we were supporting such a crucial charity made it virtually impossible not to make this an annual event.  Over the past year, I have learned so much about what children and their families must endure throughout their cancer journey.

I have heard so many success stories regarding the results Kids Cancer Care have accomplished in helping make the lives of children afflicted with cancer more bearable. 

How could one not want to support such a noble charity as Kids Cancer Care?

Join us for a fun filled day. 

Please donate to our cause today and help make a difference in the lives of children and their families affected by cancer.


If you wish to Jump For A Cure and partake in the skydiving, please send me an email at or call me directly at 403-561-8964.

We appreciate your support! Feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate or join us for a fun-filled skydiving adventure!

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