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Does my jump fee go to the Kids Cancer Care charity?

No, the cost of the jump covers usage of the plane and skydive instructors.  Each person that signs up for the event is expected to raise a minimum of $500 for Kids Cancer Care. 

Does any of the money I raise go to cover the cost of my jump?

No, all money raised by individuals goes to Kids Cancer Care.

How old do I have to be to jump?

All skydivers must be a minimum of 18 years old.

Can I join the event and raise funds with a group of people?

Yes, when creating your fundraising page, you can create a group with each individual creating a personal fundraising page within the group.  All donations will be added to the Jump For A Cure fundraising total.

Can I bring anyone to the event to watch me jump?

Yes, we encourage you to bring others with you.  Friends and family are more than welcome to attend the event.  There is a beautiful viewing area where you can watch your favourite skydiver land.  There is food available on site, a children’s playground, and entertainment.  You can even bring your dog, provided it always remains leashed.

I do not want to jump but is there any way I can get involved?

Yes, you can help by donating, purchasing on line 50/50 tickets and by spreading the word about the Jump For A Cure event on your social media.

What time do I need to arrive at the skydive centre for my jump?

We ask all participants to arrive by 8:30 am on Saturday September 16, 2023.

How should I dress for my jump?

Skydive Extreme will send you an email with all details on how to prepare for your jump.


Skydive Extreme Calgary is providing a discounted rate of $329 + GST for a tandem skydive for participants of

Jump For A Cure


To book your jump and be part of this amazing event

Click Here!

For registration inquiries, or if you are looking for further information, please fill out the form below or call me at 403-561-8964 - Brian van Vliet

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"It's all about the kids"

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